Blown From Afar, Two Remarkable Seeds Leave Their Mark

The naming and celebration of a Patron is a rare and special act. The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation had not named a Patron for almost ten years, but that changed this past June when the Foundation proudly announced the appointment of Hon. Patron to Lt. Governor Salma Lakhani and His Honour Dr. Zaheer Lakhani.

In the history of the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation, only three individuals have been named Patron. Long-time donors William K. and Mary Jo Robbins were named Patrons in 2007 for their transformational philanthropy and philanthropist, former board member and former board chair Dale Sheard was named Patron in 2014 for her leadership in bringing the province’s only dedicated women’s hospital—Lois Hole Hospital for Women—to life.

Now, Her Honour Salma Lakhani and His Honour Dr. Zaheer Lakhani have joined this esteemed company of individuals as a result of the couple’s legacy and service to the Royal Alexandra Hospital, the hospital foundation, and the wider community the hospital serves.

The Lakhanis have supported the Royal Alexandra Hospital and its centres of medical excellence for decades. Through their charitable giving and volunteer leadership, the couple has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation, while also serving as volunteers in other community areas.

“The naming of our new Honourary Patrons was a proud moment for all of us because we have long considered Salma and Zaheer to be part of the Royal Alexandra family,” said Sharlene Rutherford, President and CEO of the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation. “They represent the ideals that our hospital and its medical centres of excellence strive for each day: to deliver state-of-the-art, compassionate, equitable healthcare to all patients from all walks of life and leaving no one behind.”

George Coon, Chair of the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation Board of Directors, says the many achievements of Salma and Zaheer as individuals and as a couple are quite extraordinary. “It is rare for a husband and wife to be bestowed with as many honours as they have—but then again, Salma and Zaheer are unique individuals with a compelling history and a remarkable life of service,” said Coon.

The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation, its board of directors, alumni, staff, and supporters thank, congratulate, and celebrate Their Honours on their recent naming as Honourary Patrons of the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation.